Hyena mother and cubs

Get involved!

The spotted hyenas in the Ngorongoro Crater have become one of the world’s best-studied mammal populations. Outstanding are the detailed genetic pedigree that includes virtually all Crater hyenas and the long-term life history data from several thousand individuals. You can contribute to our project by making a donation or reporting sightings of hyenas.

Make a donation

donations-buttonDonations of any amount help us ensure the long-term continuation of our research. Donations can cover the costs of sample collection and analysis, costs of fuel and equipment, and pay for the wages of our Tanzanian co-workers and prospective students. How to make a donation >

Report a hyena sighting

fotosammlung citizen science

You took pictures or recorded videos featuring Crater hyenas? Share your footage with us and become a true hyena bush scientist!

Your contribution is highly valuable; your footage may show an individual we have not seen for some time or a rare event such as a mating or a severe injury. Such information greatly improves the quality of our data set and our knowledge of the lives of the Crater hyenas. How to report a hyena sighting >