Report hyena sightings

Report a sighting

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You took pictures or recorded videos featuring hyenas in the Crater area? Share your footage with us and become a true Hyena Bush Scientist!

Your contribution is highly valuable; your footage may show an individual we have not seen for some time or a rare event such as a mating or a severe injury. Such information greatly improves the quality of our data set and our knowledge of the lives of the Crater hyenas.

STEP 1: Fill in the form with basic information

Your sighting details
Hyena details
Your footage details
* The username or file name of your footage help us assign the sighting details to the picture or video you upload in STEP 2.

STEP 2: Upload or send your footage*

Twitter and YouTube: Upload your picture or video onto Twitter or YouTube. Please include @HyenaProject, #hyenasightings, #ngorongoro, and the date when the picture or video was taken.

Email: Send your picture (max 5 MB) to our email address.

We will announce the result of the identification on Twitter. Follow us on @HyenaProject to always be up to date!

* By sending your pictures and videos you agree to let us use your footage for research purposes according to our terms of use.

Thank you very much! We highly appreciate your interest, support and contribution!